Parent/Student Welcome Letter

Hello T-Bird Parents and Students!


Welcome to a new year at Coronado High School. My name is Cristina Barajas and I will be your Biology teacher. I recently graduated from Simmons College in Boston with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, and with that, I hope to give you all a fresh, real life approach to Biology. In this communication you will find much information that will guide you through an overview of the course, and outline some expectations. My main goal and expectation for this class is my “No ‘0’ Policy”, which you will find more information on below. Parents, I plan to keep you all informed with the details of course assignments, quizzes, labs, etc. through weekly emails. If you would like to be included in this email list, please fill out and return the bottom portion of this letter. Once again, parents and students, welcome to 2011-2012 at Coronado!


Contact Info

Phone: 915-834-2460


Conference: 8:45 – 9:30A. Please contact the front office to schedule an appointment.


Fall Objective

The fall semester of Biology will introduce the student to the physical living world around them.


Fall Outline

Unit 1 – Scientific Method, Lab Tools, Safety

Unit 2 – Chemistry of Life

Unit 3 – Cell Structure and Function

Unit 4 – Photosynthesis and Respiration

Unit 5 – Ecology


Spring Objective

The spring semester of Biology will give the students an understanding of the evolving world of genetics and kingdoms.


Spring Outline

Unit 6 – Genetics

Unit 7 – Evolution

Unit 8- Taxonomy

Unit 9 – Viruses and Bacteria

Unit 10 – Kingdoms (Dissections)


Class Rule




  • 1st offense – verbal warning
  • 2nd offense – seat change
  • 3rd offence – phone call to or conference with parents
  • 4th offense – office referral


No ‘0’ Policy

I expect 100% of my students to pass Biology with at least a 70%. This will be achieved through hard work and application of learned knowledge to ALL assignments. In the event that a student does not complete an assignment, they will be required to attend mandatory tutoring in order to complete the assignment and receive a grade for their work. Students, the best way to find out if you are missing any assignments is to check Parent Portal.


Grading Policies                                                                      Materials

9 weeks Test – 10%                                                                Composition Notebook

Projects/Labs – 20%                                                            Pens

Unit Tests – 15%                                                                     Pencils

Weekly Quizzes – 30%                                                          Colored Pencils (Ocassionally)

Class/Homework – 20%                                                        

Notebook – 5%



YES, please include me in your weekly emails. I understand that these weekly emails are a way to communicate about what is going on in Biology class, but not necessarily a means of communication of other problems and concerns.

Student’s Name__________________________  Class Period_________________________


Parent’s Name        __________________________ Parent’s Email_______________________

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